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Capital Campaign and Library Expansion & Renovation

The Friends of the Loveland Public Library were pleased to reach our goal of $2 million in our Capital Campaign to support expansion and renovation of the library building. We are deeply grateful to our donors – corporations, foundations, groups, families and individuals. Donor gifts ranged from $2 to $400,000. Anonymous donors contributed over $3,700 via the blue jugs at the library and/or by purchasing books at our used book sales. Others contributed through the brick-paver project.

The accumulation of funds began in 2004 with the Building Legacies Fund. There was no specific target date for the expansion, but studies had shown the library to be already short of space and in need of updating to keep pace with computer resources and electronic media. Ultimately, the project almost doubled the library size, providing more staff work space and significantly increasing computer access. Teens, genealogists, and people seeking business resources have dedicated space for their needs.

The $2 million raised by The Friends of the Loveland Public Library Foundation, Inc. supplemented the Capital Expansion Funds set aside by the City for library expansion. The City provided additional funding from its capital budget to complete the project by the beginning of 2012. The cost of running the campaign (consultant, supplies, and postage) was approximately $130,000. Any funds received by the Friends in excess of the $2 million, in accordance with our campaign policies, will be used by The Friends for future needs of the library. Thank you to everyone who joined us in this accomplishment!

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