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Art Books for Sale 

The Friends recently received a large donation of special art books from a collector, and we're offering some of them for sale here. 

Full descriptions, prices, and contact information are available on each document listed below. More photographs are available upon request. 

Downloadable book list


w002 - Catalog of Special Exhibitions of Bronze Mirrors in the National Palace Museum, Taipei

w003 - Carved Jade of Ancient China

w004 - Second Bronze Age. Later Chinese Metalwork

w010 - Jades from the Tomb of King Nanyue

w013 - Turkish Carpets from the 13th to 18th Century

w014 - Textile Art of Peru, Enlarged Edition

w015 - Lacquer Wares of the Chu Kingdom

w016 - Shang and Chou Dynasty Bronze Wine Vessels

w017 - Chinese Jades of the Mu-Fei Collection

w019 - Antike Gläser

w020 - Marmora Romana

w021 - Art of Florence

w023 - L’Art des Cyclades. Du Debut a la Fin de l’Age du Bronze, 2500-1100 Avant Notre Ere 1

w024 - IKAT Silks of Central Asia

w025 - Der Turmalin

w026 - Treasures of China

w027 - Cultural Relics of Tibetan Buddhism in the Qing Palace

w030 - Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet

w032 - One Hundred Jades from the Lantien Shanfang Collection

w033 - Moscow

updated July 17, 2020

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