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Boxed Books

With our 2020 book sales canceled, we have a large supply of books packed in boxes and stacked high in our Sorting Place building. In order to make space for new donations, we are selling pre-packed boxes of books at $22 each. 

Each box contains books in a specific category. Damaged books, or items that we feel wouldn't sell at a book sale are weeded out before the boxes are packed, though we can't guarantee the condition of the individual items in the packed boxes. The boxes are 18" x 13.5" x 6.5", and hold an average of 14-22 hardcover or trade paperback books (though this can vary by the size of the books in individual categories).

Proceeds go toward programming at the Loveland Public Library.



Start by contacting us:

    • through the Contact Us form on our website; include details about how many boxes you want, and in which subjects; select Buying Books as the category from the drop-down list
    • or by phone at 970-962-2712; leave a message with your contact information 


Pay for your order:


Pick up your order:

    • All boxed books will be picked up at the Sorting Place, 1010 West 10th St., Loveland. Times for pick up will be scheduled individually.

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